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Diet Update–18lbs lost in TWO WEEKS!

This is just an update to the diet I am currently on. The goal was to get down from 274 to 250 in 30 days using the Warp Speed Fatloss Routine/Diet Well this has gone much better than I ever anticipated!  In just two weeks I have gone from 274 to 256 as of this morning (June 24, 2009)!!!  That is 18 POUNDS in TWO WEEKS! I am not far from my goal and the hard part of the routine is just getting started with the extra cardio coming up these last two weeks! I am very confident I will reach my goal and maybe even a little more! I have not been this light since around November 2006 or early 2007!  I am carrying much less bodyfat (will get updated … Read entire article »

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My Diet has started..God have mercy on me!

Those that know me, know that I am a competitive powerlifter, and usually compete in the 275lb class.  Well lately I have allowed myself to get out of shape to say the lease in the quest for a bigger total…I have a few minor health issues that weight loss would definitely help, and I also have been motivated by likes of Elliott Hulse, Alwyn Cosgrove, Jason Ferruggia, and Mike Roussell via their own blog posts to lose the fat and get in better shape.  I see this as having many benefits, my priorities for this weight loss are below: 1.) Healthy life 2.) Less fat 3.) Hopefully healthy enough to make sure I stick around long enough to watch my kids grow up and not leave them without a dad because he was … Read entire article »

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How to Burn Fat Fast!

In the following link ( , Jason Ferruggia talks with John Alvino about the best ways to burn fat fast! See what John has to say here–> It will be well worth your while to check this out if fat loss is part of your summer shred plan! … Read entire article »

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