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Chris Taylor Bench Press Seminar (Roanoke, VA)

We are currently working to bring Chris Taylor to Roanoke, VA for a Bench Press Seminar. Chris is an Elite powerlifter and 800+lb bench presser. Chris has benched 750lbs@242 in a full powerlifting meet (August 2008), as well as recently hitting 805lbs@275 in a bench only contest. Chris trained under the guidance of Dr. Ken Leistner at Iron Island Gym, and currently still trains in Long Island, NY with a group of STRONG lifters. Chris continues to set PRs in both the 242 and 275lb class in not only the bench press, but also in the squat, having recently done a 905 squat at 242. Chris is also a certified Physical Therapist Assistant with an in depth background about injury healing and prevention If you are interested in … Read entire article »

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Girl Training at Elite SSP?

Well, today I ventured into the realm of training a girl who was not looking to be a better athlete but rather looking to get in better overall shape and lose bodyfat. I am use to training athletes to be better at their sport, so this was a little different but in a good way. This trainee is actually my 20 year old sister Kim. She is planning a wedding in December so she has the same motivation most females get for those kind of events. Needless to say, I put her through the paces today and we shall see if she sticks with it or not. She definately enjoyed it and said it beat a workout at Golds gym any day of the week. Training with … Read entire article »

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