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Add a Strongman Day to Your Routine

In most local high schools, most sports teams don’t have their own dedicated Strength Coaches. This can be good or bad, depending on who the person is that is running your offseason program and what their level of knowledge is on training. Many times, the head coach of your sport is also running your offseason weight training and conditioning program. In many of these cases, the offseason program is some cookie cutter routine bought from a local college program, or something they found on the internet. This is the problem with how many athletes are being prepared for their upcoming season. As we all know, everyone is different, and most importantly has different weaknesses and imbalances that must be addressed. Having a room full of … Read entire article »

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Conventional Deadlift – Part Dos

In the first article we went over different key points on how to bring up your deadlift. In this section we’ll see what we can do about more technical issues and training with the conjugate method. This is where the fun stuff begins! Foot Position This is an often misunderstood part of the deadlift. I’ll cover 3 different stances/foot positions and highlight benefits for each one. Remember that with each stance you need to have your toes pointed slightly outward! Also, do all 3 stances in your training to make sure you’re strong no matter what. In all examples below, make sure to keep the bar close to your shins. If you have scrapes on your legs then you’re doing it right. Shoulder … Read entire article »

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My Experience with 531

Over the last few months, I have been extremely focused on coaching and work and less focused on my own training. Part of that was due to just flat boredom due to training alone many times, and another part was due to what we all have to deal with on a daily basis, and that is family commitments. Put all this together with my coaching duties and my normal job and you create yourself into a total lazy piece of crap. Well recently, I had an epiphany. I was either going to train the way I know how and go after my goals despite whatever else is going on in my life or I was going to regret it for many years to come. When the training slacked off, … Read entire article »

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