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EliteSSP now has a Forum!

We have added a forum to the EliteSSP blog. Please check it out and register! We have a place to post logs for those athletes and non-athletes alike that are training with us. And there are other forums of interest as well, including The Power Page original Exercise Index. The Power Page was one of the first places to offer an extensive online exercise index database, and with the advent of EliteSSP, we have carried it over here and plans to expand that database very soon. Elite SSP FORUMS! If you are not training with us, then now is the time to jump in while rates are low! If you are in the Roanoke, VA area you cant pass this opportunity up! Contact us today! (540)-632-0445 … Read entire article »

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Conventional Deadlift – Finale

In part one we went over the various exercises to help your deadlift. Then, in part dos, we explored some of the different foot positions that should be utilized during training. Hopefully you have mastered everything in both articles because we’re now moving on to accommodating resistance. The reason we’re going to focus on accommodating resistance is simple – it allows greater loading during the concentric phase. This means that the weight will feel light at the bottom but heavy at the top. Adding bands and/or chains will not only force you to build speed where the weight is the lightest, it will force you to get stronger at the completion of the lift. How does this benefit your deadlift? Keep reading and training your grip… Bands Training the deadlift with bands is … Read entire article »

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