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Add a Strongman Day to Your Routine

In most local high schools, most sports teams don’t have their own dedicated Strength Coaches. This can be good or bad, depending on who the person is that is running your offseason program and what their level of knowledge is on training. Many times, the head coach of your sport is also running your offseason weight training and conditioning program. In many of these cases, the offseason program is some cookie cutter routine bought from a local college program, or something they found on the internet. This is the problem with how many athletes are being prepared for their upcoming season. As we all know, everyone is different, and most importantly has different weaknesses and imbalances that must be addressed. Having a room full of football players all doing the exact same thing may not be the best thing for those athletes. You have to be able to adapt and know when to change things up. While the routine may be producing some results, the question I always ask is how are the addressing a specific athlete’s weakness, or better yet how are the evaluating each athlete to discover imbalances or weaknesses that need addressing in the first place. Many times, I get a blank stare into space like they have no idea what I am asking. Now this isn’t a knock on the coaches, as they are doing what they can with the budget restrictions many face in today’s economy, so they feel they have to find something that seems to get results for someone else and implement it as fast as possible with their team. This is not a good decision. Its best to understand what training you’re putting your athletes through and why, instead of just taking something on paper and implementing it without the knowledge or ability to adjust the routine when necessary.

So what does this all have to do with implementing Strongman into your training? Well I am glad you asked.

Well, most athletes whose sports teams have an organized weightlifting program in the offseason are required to attend those sessions. But most of that routine usually is centered on just lifting weights and doing some agility and sprint work. I have found that adding a single day per week or every couple weeks for that matter, to your routine that is focused on Strongman training, has been very beneficial and will complement your weightlifting routine. Many Strength Coaches out there are getting major results in their program from implementing Strongman training into their client’s routine.

For instance, let’s say you train with your sports team during the week. Why not add a Strongman only day on Saturday? This is what we do and we see great results, as others have found out over the years for themselves.

Some of my favorites for this day are tire flips, farmer’s walks, log press, Prowler, Sled, kegs or other odd object carries, grip work, sledge hammers, keg/stone/sandbag loading, sandbag clean and presses, and car/truck pushes!! Now certainly you wouldn’t want to do all of these in a single day after hitting it hard in the weightroom all week. However, pick a few of these movements and work them hard and reap the benefits. You will add muscle mass, lose bodyfat, improve conditioning, and get stronger!
The way we handle this day at EliteSSP, starts with evaluating what the athlete is doing during the week in the weightroom and then choose Strongman implements that would not cause them to overtrain, but would enhance what they are already doing. You CAN reap the benefits of both worlds.

Let’s say I had an athlete who trained with their sports team on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They performed Squats on Monday, Bench on Wednesday, and Deadlifts on Thursday. I would setup their Strongman Saturday as follows:

1) Log Press: 2-3 timed sets, performing as many reps as possible, or 3 sets of max reps.
2) Odd Object Carries(Keg, Sandbag, Anvil, etc): 3 sets going for a particular distance
3) Grip work: 3-4 sets for singles, working up in weight on each set. (i.e. Plate pinches, Rolling Thunder, etc)
4) Finish it up with the Prowler for conditioning work: 3-4 sets going for a particular distance.

This is just one example of how Strongman training can be implemented into your current routine. But before buying into Strongman training, there are some important reasons why Strongman training is beneficial. First, training with objects that are not normal allows you to work your entire body at once, instead of doing isolation movements. Full body strongman training mimics what an athlete will face on the field or court. You don’t play football with just your arms, and you don’t play softball, baseball, or basketball without needing your entire body to be strong enough to take the constant beating and repetition of your sport. Second, and most important, is Strongman training makes you mentally tough. So much of sports is mental, and this has been talked about so much you would think people would already understand this by now. But all I hear is athletes wanting to bench or squat more, run faster, get quicker, etc. Yet they never train their mind. How do you train your mind you ask? Well, by adding Strongman training to your routine, you will be doing unconventional work that you would never face by training strictly in the gym. You will be forced to fight through the pain, dig down deep, and quickly discover how much you “want it”! Strongman training is a test of your mental fortitude, and I have seen many just completely quit because they got their butts kicked on an implement and rather than fighting and working harder, they take the easy road out which is so easily promoted in our society today. You see today’s society is so pampering kids these days that little Johnny is told that if its too hard you shouldn’t be doing it because you might get hurt. But we at EliteSSP believe that if it’s hard, you need to find the mental toughness and desire to get better and work your tail off so you can master the movement. We do not take the easy way out at EliteSSP!

The question I always ask athletes is “What are your goals and how hard are you willing to work to get there? Those that have clear goals in mind, will lead from the front and succeed, the rest will get left behind. So I close by asking, “How bad do YOU want it?”

To discover your true potential, call us today at EliteSSP and let us help you reach your goals!

We are currently organizing our “Strongman/Strongwoman Saturday Training Day”. If you want in, it’s important to get in touch with us soon! There will be a limited number of athletes that we can take on for these days initially. If you’re not an athlete but you want in, that is fine as well, but we expect you to work just as hard. We are not your corporate gym trainers, and will not take it any easier on you than we would an athlete working for college scholarship. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

EliteSSP – (540)-632-0445

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