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Underground Strength Nation

Join the Underground Strength Nation today! Zach Even-Esh shares his wisdom with you all and its well worth it! … Read entire article »

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25lbs lost in 28 days!! (Final results of my diet on Warpspeed Fat Loss)

Well, its been a couple weeks since the diet ended and I would have updated this sooner had I not left for vacation at the end of the diet and then had to get caught up at work last week. But anyway here are the final results. The diet ended on Sunday, July 5, 2009. The final tally: 25lbs in 28 days!!!! I went all the way down to 250lbs! The lowest I have been since around 2002. Its been so long I honestly cant remember being this light. I cannot tell any noticeable muscle loss and the fat loss has been obvious to many based on the comments I have received. The good news is I have not been on the WSFL diet for the last couple weeks, … Read entire article »

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Diet Update–18lbs lost in TWO WEEKS!

This is just an update to the diet I am currently on. The goal was to get down from 274 to 250 in 30 days using the Warp Speed Fatloss Routine/Diet Well this has gone much better than I ever anticipated!  In just two weeks I have gone from 274 to 256 as of this morning (June 24, 2009)!!!  That is 18 POUNDS in TWO WEEKS! I am not far from my goal and the hard part of the routine is just getting started with the extra cardio coming up these last two weeks! I am very confident I will reach my goal and maybe even a little more! I have not been this light since around November 2006 or early 2007!  I am carrying much less bodyfat (will get updated … Read entire article »

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My Diet has started..God have mercy on me!

Those that know me, know that I am a competitive powerlifter, and usually compete in the 275lb class.  Well lately I have allowed myself to get out of shape to say the lease in the quest for a bigger total…I have a few minor health issues that weight loss would definitely help, and I also have been motivated by likes of Elliott Hulse, Alwyn Cosgrove, Jason Ferruggia, and Mike Roussell via their own blog posts to lose the fat and get in better shape.  I see this as having many benefits, my priorities for this weight loss are below: 1.) Healthy life 2.) Less fat 3.) Hopefully healthy enough to make sure I stick around long enough to watch my kids grow up and not leave them without a dad because he was … Read entire article »

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How to Burn Fat Fast!

In the following link ( , Jason Ferruggia talks with John Alvino about the best ways to burn fat fast! See what John has to say here–> It will be well worth your while to check this out if fat loss is part of your summer shred plan! … Read entire article »

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The secret to accidental fitness

This week I've shared with you two blog posts in which Dr John Berardi talks about losing body weight and body fat. The first one talks about how important incentives are for changing your body. And it goes on to incentivize you with a whopping $10,000. Could The Chance To Win $10,000 Help You Get In Shape? >> The second one shows you how to coerce yourself into sticking to the plan, even when the motivation wanes. Enter "the best kept secret in weight loss." >> Finally, today, I have one last post to share. In this one, Dr Berardi talks about something called "accidental success." For most people fitness is a struggle. Others, however, seem to sail through life; they're lean, fit, and strong, and they seem to … Read entire article »

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The best kept secret in Weigh Loss!!

    The other day I posted a blog entry to a video of Dr John Berardi talking about his two latest programs – Lean Eating For Men and Lean Eating For Women.   Far and away, the most frequent questions had to do with his $20,000 prize – $10,000 to the top female winner and $10,000 to the top male winner.   Click here to check out the blog post announcing this amazing prize: >>   Now, today, I want to share with you a post covering the flip side of the 10K prize.  In other words, if the prize is the carrot, today’s video talks about the stick.   You see, Dr. Berardi’s a coaching expert.  In fact, he’s probably the most successful nutrition coach in the health and fitness business.   And after speaking with him, I realized that there’s something powerful to this idea.   You see, the biggest transformations – body transformations or … Read entire article »

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Could the chance to win $10,000 help you get in shape?

    When Dr. John Berardi dropped me an line the other day, telling me all about his new program, I thought for a second the guy had lost his mind.   >>   Now, don’t get me wrong.  I respect Dr Berardi.  He’s recognized as one of the top nutrition coaches in the world. And his programs get people results.  Fast.   However, when I watched this video he sent over, and learned that he’s giving away $20,000 of his own money, he definitely got my attention.   Check out this blog post for yourself.   >>   Now, to qualify for this reward, you have to participate in the Lean Eating program.  But that’s a no brainer. You should want to do that ANYWAY if you’re interested in body transformation because there is nothing else like it.   You get 6 months of world class coaching, the type of coaching you can’t find, well, … Read entire article »

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