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Happy New Year! NOW is the time to reach your GOALS!

2012 is upon us, and its the time of year when gyms are flooded with newcomers that want to gain muscle, lose fat, get in shape, etc. Well at most commercial gyms in America, these newbies dont last very long before they are just “donating” their monthly memberships to the gym and not showing up at all. Well at EliteSSP, we strive to help you reach your goals! If you want to be motivated, inspired, and shown the correct way to do things, then now is the time to call us at 540-520-1382 or EMAIL US today so we can help! In Roanoke, VA where we are based, there is very little in the way of true training with old school weights and strongman implements. … Read entire article »

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The WUSSification of Today’s Youth

Recently, I have been involved in instances of parents literally coddling their children when they do not get what they want. I coach various sports in addition to training athletes in the gym. I have had a few parents complain because their precious “cargo” was not getting to play the position they thought he/she should be playing. Most of the time, these same parents have never coached a sport. In some instances, they NEVER even played a sport growing up to begin with. The problem today is our society is such that if you don’t get your way, you are basically raised that you don’t go out and work harder to achieve your goal, you instead complain, groan, or get mommy and daddy to go do … Read entire article »

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Underground Strength Nation

Join the Underground Strength Nation today! Zach Even-Esh shares his wisdom with you all and its well worth it! … Read entire article »

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Are you ready?

If you looking to improve you conditioning or get stronger, faster and better at your chose sport, you need to reach out to us at EliteSSP today and come in for a free trial workout! Contact us today at … Read entire article »

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EliteSSP now has a Forum!

We have added a forum to the EliteSSP blog. Please check it out and register! We have a place to post logs for those athletes and non-athletes alike that are training with us. And there are other forums of interest as well, including The Power Page original Exercise Index. The Power Page was one of the first places to offer an extensive online exercise index database, and with the advent of EliteSSP, we have carried it over here and plans to expand that database very soon. Elite SSP FORUMS! If you are not training with us, then now is the time to jump in while rates are low! If you are in the Roanoke, VA area you cant pass this opportunity up! Contact us today! (540)-632-0445 … Read entire article »

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Add a Strongman Day to Your Routine

In most local high schools, most sports teams don’t have their own dedicated Strength Coaches. This can be good or bad, depending on who the person is that is running your offseason program and what their level of knowledge is on training. Many times, the head coach of your sport is also running your offseason weight training and conditioning program. In many of these cases, the offseason program is some cookie cutter routine bought from a local college program, or something they found on the internet. This is the problem with how many athletes are being prepared for their upcoming season. As we all know, everyone is different, and most importantly has different weaknesses and imbalances that must be addressed. Having a room full of … Read entire article »

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Commerical Gym Training

Well, my wife has been wanting to join a gym for a while, and normally I train out of my garage gym at Cold Steel Barbell or another private club in the area. She has also sworn up and down she wouldnt train in the dirty dungeon garage with us too..its either too hot or too cold for her, depending on the season haha..Well she has not showed too much interest in really working out in 10 years and lately its been peaking at an all time high…so I relented and decided to go along with her and join the family so the kids have a place to swim and do other stuff when she is there…I am on this family plan as it was cheaper this way than her … Read entire article »

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Welcome to Elite SSP!

  Welcome to Elite Strength & Sports Performance. … Read entire article »

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