Editor’s note – this is from 2002. You can see how his performance has increased dramatically in the last decade!

MB: How about you giving us a little info. about yourself?

RK: I’m 28 years old and live in Moses Lake, Washington where I work as a personal trainer. I’m married to my wife Melissa, who I will be celebrating my 2 year anniversary with in November, we have no children. I was born and raised in Tri-Cities, Washington and then in 2000 my wife and I moved to Florida for a year and a half, but we got homesick for Washington and decided to move back. However the move to Florida was the best thing for my lifting, it helped me get to where I am right now. There are some “real” powerlifters down there.

MB: Do you compete in bench meets only or do you do full Powerlifting meets as well?

RK: Right now I only compete in the bench, but I would like to do a full power meet in the future. I have a good squat, being able to do 700 without knee wraps so hopefully I could do well. But right now I’m pretty focused on my bench since it seems to be going so well for me.

MB: When and how did you get started in Competing?

RK: My first meet was May 1996 where I benched 375 @ 198. I got started due to wanting to be the best in the town.

MB: For those that don’t know, you have benched 780lbs. Where and when was this accomplished?

RK: I benched my 780 in Kennewick, Washington at Scott Taylor’s APA Tri-State Championships meet in May on the 4th.

MB: What are your best lifts(other than that awesome 780!)?

RK: On June 3rd, 2000 in Springfield, Oregon I benched 705, 722, and then 733. That was awesome. That was my first 700 bench, and to top it off I ended up with 3 lifts that day over 700!

MB: What type of routines do you use?

RK: Right now I’m using a modified version of the Westside routine. I modified it to strengthen my weak points.

MB: What are your main assistance exercises for each lift?

RK: We use 2, 3, 4, and 5 board for bench assistance. This helps to strengthen different areas of the bench each week.

MB: What are your goals for the near future?

RK: What I would like would be to get an 845 bench, that would be nice!

MB: What do you think of powerlifting today with all the different federations and meet directors?

RK: I find no problems with it, it gives lifters an opportunity to lift in different organizations with different sets of rules. Take me for example, I primarily lift in the WABDL, but I like to bench in the open back, which is not legal in the WABDL. So I have started competing in the APA as well.

MB: What do you think the future holds for PowerLifting and what do you hope happens as the sport moves on?

RK: It’s hard to say what the future holds, but I’d like to see the lifters get more recognition for all the hard work we do. It would be nice to actually make a living doing something you love.

MB: What do you think of PowerLifting in the Olympics?

RK: I don’t think it will ever happen.

MB: Where do you train and do you have any partners that you train with regularly? How important are those partners to your success?

RK: I train at a gym called Sleek Physique in Moses Lake, Washington. At present I train with a guy by the name of Jamie Balliet and my wife, Melissa. Jamie hands off for me, very well, and he plays a major role in my weekly lifting. Having a reliable training partner is vital to your success, I’m lucky enough to have 2.

MB: Who do you admire most in this sport and why?

RK: Louis Simmons, he is extremely knowledgable in the sport. He gave me advice on the bench that has taken me to 780, and will take me further.

MB: What meets do you plan to compete in the near future?

RK: On October 12th I’m competing in Scott Taylor’s APA Worlds up here in Washington State again in Kennewick. After that I’ll be lifting as a guest lifter at the WABDL Worlds in Reno, NV.(NOTE: It was announced this week by Ryan’s wife on another forum that Ryan will take another shot at the 800 bench this Saturday, August 3, 2002)

MB: What are your future goals in this sport?

RK: Well…..I’d like to make a living by lifting! I’ve been doing this for near 13 years, it would be nice to have it pay off!

MB: Who do you feel are some of the best benchers in the world and why?

RK: George Halbert, Glen Chabot, and Scott Mendleson. I admire George because lets face it….this guy only weighs about 215 pounds and he benched 733 pounds! Glen Chabot, well he’s one strong, raw benchin’ SOB! I talked with him at the Arnold Classic back in February and he’s also a very nice and approachable person. Scott Mendleson, he benches in a double poly and has done 766, all I have to say is…….HOW?!!! Anyone who can bench that much weight in a poly has my admiration. All bench pressers are unique and special in their own sort of way.

MB: What type of equipment and supplements do you use and why?

RK: I bench in an Inzer double denim because it’s the best shirt on the market and nothing even compares to the quality. Supplements are a waste of money, spend your money on good quality protein.

MB: Do you plan to compete in the WPO in the near future against some of the best benchers in the world?

RK: I think that all of the lifters who lift at the WPO competitions that are for money should be paid $1000 to compete. I say this because that way it’s an even playing field and everyone wins.

MB: Finally, are there any additional comments you would like to make?

RK: At this point in my lifting career I just do this for fun. I’m not getting paid enough to take it too seriously. It seems that some lifters are jealous and are kind of cut-throat to other lifters, I just want to stay to myself and have fun. That’s what this is supposed to be anyway right, FUN!

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