EliteSSP is THE place to go in the Roanoke, VA area to improve your strength and athletic performance! Our goal is to help athletes develop into bigger, faster, and stronger athletes so they can improve their on field or court performance.  Regardless of sport, we believe a proper weightlifting and fitness routine will help take athletes to the next level in their respective sport! We believe, through scientific evidence, that to truly get faster and to reduce your chances of injury, you must get STRONGER! There is no substitute for strength and as we say at ELITESSP, “Fight Weakness with Strength!”

Our philosophy is heavily based off the Tier System as created by Carolina Panthers Strength Coach Joe Kenn.  We also use a heavy emphasis on the Conjugate System popularized by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell.  Although Westside is a powerlifting gym, the principles of the conjugate system have been proven highly effective to athletes in all sports.   We are NOT a fancy chrome gym, but rather a garage gym facility where old school training reigns supreme. You don’t need fancy machines when the greats of years past developed very powerful and functional physiques with just a simple barbell and other odd objects.

Come experience what its like to train with someone who has lived under the bar and been an athlete in real life, unlike others who just talk about how to do things with no real world experience.  Founder, Mike Brookman, is a Certified High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist (HSSCS) who has lived through the ups and downs of sports, trained for various competitions in sports as well as powerlifting. He works with 50+ athletes weekly coaching high school football and leading the Strength and Conditioning program for those athletes.  He focuses on Strength and Power improvements which has direct reflection on linear speed.  There is a strong focus on increasing agility, to increase an athletes ability to decelerate, change direction, and accelerate again.  Athletes DON’T run in straight lines very much in their respective sports, the agility is what makes or breaks an athlete on the field or court.  

Contact us today to setup a free training session and let Mike tell you why Strength, Power, and Agility are important for an all around athletic performance program. 

Want to play at the next level?  Get started today on achieving your goals! Contact us today via email or phone:

mike@elitessp.com or 540-520-1382.