Elite Strength & Sports Performance is based in Roanoke, VA.  Our goal is to help athletes develop into bigger, faster, and stronger athletes so they can dominate their competition.  Regardless of sport, we believe a proper weightlifting and fitness routine will make good athletes great!  Our philosophy is heavily based off the Conjugate System popularized by Westside Barbell.  Although Westside is a powerlifting gym, the principles of the conjugate system have been proven highly effective to athletes in all sports.  We also draw a lot of our routines and beliefs from Elliott Hulse and Zach Even-Esh with a Strongman focus.  We are NOT a fancy chrome gym, but rather a garage type facility where old school training reigns supreme.  Why do you need fancy machines when the greats of years past developed very powerful and functional physiques with just a simple barbell and other objects?  Come experience what its like to train with the basics and yet still get one of the best workouts you have ever experienced.  Contact us today at

mike@elitessp.com or 540-929-0736

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