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Conventional Deadlift – Part 1

Everyone who wants to get strong knows that there are 2 lifts that will put muscle on you quickly – the squat and the deadlift. The problem that we have seen for years is that lots of people do NEITHER correctly! I will go over a few things that will help you put pounds on the conventional deadlift in just a few weeks.

    Train your quads

You’re probably asking yourself “Why train quads to deadlift?”. Well the simple answer is that, when pulling conventional, you use a lot of quad. If you aren’t, then you aren’t doing it properly. You should be able to flex your quads and the bar will start to move for you.

A few exercises to bring your quad strength up are:

DB or BB lunges
Close stance squats
Leg press

Perform these for sets of 8-12.

    Back work

We all know that the deadlift taxes your back. What specific exercises can you to do make sure your deadlift goes up?

Chest supported rows
T-bar rows
DB rows
BB rows
Lat pulls
HEAVY shrugs
High pulls
Good mornings
Reverse hyper
45deg back raise (with weight/bands)

The stronger the back and bigger the yoke, the higher the deadlift. On top of that you’ll actually LOOK like you lift some weights.

    Grip work

This is something that every athlete should have in their arsenal. Strong hands and forearms will allow you to grip a ball/stick/racquet tighter, push harder, make your opponent on the mat wish they never joined the wrestling team, etc.

Deadlift with bands.

I haven’t seen anything that works the grip more than this. Because of the progressive tension increase of the bands while performing the deadlift, you will have to squeeze the bar as hard as you can in order to lockout the weight. This will be covered in part 2 of the article.

Grip trainers

Grips trainers

These things will build huge forearms. Do high reps twice a week and gradually work up to the next highest gripper.

Shrugs and Rows

High rep db rows (Kroc rows) and shrugs are a great way to not only build your back but increase your grip strength. Because you have to hold on to the bar or db for an extended period of time your grip will become stronger. Do not limit yourself to just DB rows though. Do all of the rows mentioned in the section at the top!

In addition to all of these things, make sure you hammer your ab work. Building a strong set of abdominals can do nothing but help increase the weight you can handle. If you are using a belt for your heavier sets, I recommend learning how to use it. Sometimes the addition of a belt can add 50lbs to your deadlift, if utilized correctly!

This covers the very basics of how to bring up your deadlift. The next section will be about foot placement and adding accommodating resistance, ie: adding bands or chains. Stay tuned!

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