By - Blane

Who wants a better deadlift?

Mike and I came across this accidentally but it works like NO OTHER PROGRAM that we have tried.   We initially thought we might actually lose some strength deadlifting twice a month instead of every week.  Now that we have seen the results of this we are sticking with it!!

Here’s the basic max effort lower outline:

Week one:

day one – DE squats

day two – ME squats

Week two:

day one – ME Deadlift

day two – DE squats and work up to a heavy triple or single, ~85-90%

Doesn’t look complicated, does it?  Well it isn’t supposed to be!  The DE squats with bands will increase your posterior chain strength like crazy while building speed.  Then, on week two, when you go to pull heavy, you do so with reverse bands, against bands, pulling off of pins, or with chains.   This works well for both sumo and conventional style deadlifts.

The proof is in the pudding.  My max deadlift had been 525lbs and I’d been struggling with weights as light as 455lbs.  Since we found this method during my meet prep phase, I had to go with it and try to pull a personal best.  Boy did I.  Here’s the video:

Pulled a 75lb PR!  How’s that for 4 months of training!!!

Here’s a vid of Mike and his newly found love for the deadlift:

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